UCaaS, SIP and Direct Routing for MS Teams

The world of telephony is ever changing. ISDN services are being rendered obsolete, and IT professionals are being left with a decision to make about what direction they would like to take their voice services.

At Pentima, we partner with the leading global UCaaS and SIP vendors, and we are able to offer our clients consultation on what the best direction is for them. We take a thorough look at our clients technical requirements, and align them with the best solution, whilst recommending a selection of vendors that will be able to support that solution.

Why UCaaS?

- Stay connected on the go: Employees are spending more and more time out of the office than ever before. UCaaS allows them to take a call on any device, wherever they are.

- Unify the business: Rather than having 2-5 applications for your communications, unify them in one. UC encompasses video/audio conferencing, instant messaging, telephony and even contact centre in one application, so the workforce doesn't have to keep switching between platforms.

- Save money: UCaaS is all in the cloud. There is no need for PBX's, Call Managers or any hardware. And with this, comes cost savings. No maintenance costs, no hardware costs, just the cost of one license for every user in your company.

- Constant ability to upgrade: Legacy phone providers no longer have the ability to improve their voice services, whereas UCaaS providers are funnelling money into research to continuously improve theirs, and will continue to do so for as long as you are using their platform.

- Gain Competitive Edge: UCaaS will enable your business to focus on what matters most, as you will be saving time and money through the increased flexibility of your phone system.

Direct Routing for MS Teams

Microsoft recently made the decision to retire Skype for Business by the end of July 2021, due to the introduction of it's new UC platfrom, Microsoft Teams. MS Teams can be used as a companies sole telephony solution, however the company will need to either procure Microsoft calling plans to support the MS Teams licenses, or will need to find a telephony provider that can provide direct routing to MS Teams.

Due to the fact that Microsoft is a software company and doesn't have a history of providing telephony solutions, they have made it clear that they would prefer their customers to opt for the second option, and go to a telecoms company that can provide Direct Routing to Teams. If a customer wishes to procure Microsoft calling plans, they will be paying around $20 per user per month on top of paying for O365 E5 licenses, or MS Teams licenses.

At Pentima, we have done our research into the market, and picked out a handful of vendors that we believe are primarily placed to be able to support domestic and global Teams solutions, placing multi-tenanted SBC's in the cloud, and providing affordable calling plans.

Whatever your requirements, due to our research and expertise, we at Pentima are able to offer full support when making the important decision of deciding who your next telephony provider will be. Book a meeting today for a free consultation in the coming weeks.

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