Why Infrastructure Hosting?

Flexible, scalable, high-performance infrastructure resources 

Colt's infrastructure hosting solutions provide access to flexible resources to replace or extend your own infrastructure without capital investment on your part. You can take advantage of the latest technology, overseen by experts, to underpin delivery of your critical business applications.

Keeping your IT infrastructure aligned with changing business needs can be a constant challenge, especially if your data centre is nearing capacity. And if your in-house teams are already stretched, it will be all they can do to maintain day-to-day operations – there won't be time to assess new technology or pursue other strategic developments.

  • Can your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance the business expects?
  • Would outsourcing specific tasks, like storage, help your in-house teams refocus on strategy and innovation?
  • Is your data centre operating efficiently enough to meet your organisation's green agenda?
  • Are you keen to investigate new technology solutions, like virtualisation, but don't have the skills or capacity in house to do so?

Colt's range of infrastructure hosting solutions enable you to extend your existing IT infrastructure, or replace part or all of it, without making capital investment. We can, for example, provide you with a flexible extension to your grid; take over and improve a specific activity, such as storage or website hosting; or provide you with a fully virtualised, easily scalable infrastructure.

You'll be able to reduce dependence on your own data centre space. Instead you can rely on our expertise to manage your service in one of our secure data centres, where cooling and power are optimised to reduce consumption and costs and help protect the environment. You'll reduce IT management overheads and release your teams to focus on what really matters to your business.

With 20data centres in 23 European countries, we're where you need us to be – including making sure your data is where it needs to be for compliance purposes.

Infrastructure Hosting Products

Hosting Services

Fully dedicated hosting service which means you can run all your critical business applications securely on a dedicated platform.

Managed Colocation

Managed Colocation extends the Colocation Rack offering by providing the equipment housing and monitoring framework that enable managed devices to be monitored.

Customers can manage key elements of their own IT infrastructure, but can also if required outsource the managements of other elements (such as security or server).

Infrastructure Management Services

Fully dedicated hosting service which means you can run all your critical business applications securely on a dedicated platform.

Grid Extension

The Grid Extension service provides customers with computational grid resources by deploying Tibco DataSynapse Grid Engines to VMware virtual machines or physical servers that run within a Colt Data Centre.

Managed Grid

Meet your growing high-performance computing (HPC) or batch-processing requirements without capital investment. Or relieve your in-house team of day-to-day operational tasks by outsourcing management of your existing grid to us.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Dedicated Infrastructure service provides the installation, management and support of servers, load balancers and switches. Combined with our network and facilities services, Dedicated Infrastructure forms the foundation of your data-centre solution and underpins delivery of your business-critical applications.  

Web Server Management

Hosting your websites in-house is time-consuming for IT. Offload the management burden by taking high-availability Web Server Management and management services. You'll reduce capital expenditure and IT operating costs, be able to respond faster to changing web needs and free resources to focus on your core business.  

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our Cloud Infrastructure Service provides you with a modular IT infrastructure provided on a subscription basis. It's quick and easy to scale resources in line with changing business needs, whether in a test-and-development or production environment. 


  • Improve cost management
  • Enhance agility: Fast Deployment
  • Get peace of mind: wide-ranging skills and expertise to host and maintain your infrastructure
  • Avoid obsolescence: get risk-free access to the latest technology developments

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