Traditionally, businesses have owned all aspects of their IT systems. They have been responsible for the equipment, the real estate where that equipment is housed, and managing the connectivity, power, and cooling that keeps it humming. But with limited power and connectivity options available, and inadequate security, businesses are left with expensive, unsecured systems that are susceptible to power and network outages.

At Pentima, we partner with over 60 Data Centre providers across 5 continents who can fulfil different types of businesses Colocation requirements. Our data centre locator will be able to pinpoint what data centres are available in any location across the globe, provides a ping test giving sight of live latency from any location and will illustrate whether the data centre is able to provide Cloud Connects and which carriers are on-net in each data centre.

We use our Interactive Quality Assessments which take around 10 minutes to complete, to understand the requirements of each business. Once complete, our team study these requirements and provide a selection of the best providers based on the requirements, along with full pricing, comparing each provider in a simple to read CSV file.

Procuring colocation has never been easier. Book a meeting with Pentima today to get the process started.


  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • In over 300 data centres worldwide

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