Our freephone, shared cost and premium rate services just got smarter

You can only do business if your customers can get in touch with you quickly, easily and seamlessly. Customer Contact Services have been designed to give you the power to make the most of every call.

Our managed portfolio of inbound voice services deliver the means by which even the smallest of businesses can build valuable customer relationships, generate revenue, and improve brand loyalty over the phone. Every time someone calls you we enable you to do business.

The people who answer your phones are on the frontline of your business. You need to make sure they have the best tools to deliver a high quality experience to your customers.

Customer Contact Services give you the flexibility you need; you can route your calls to wherever you want them to go, and receive direct calls wherever it suits you to. And it's also easy to put in place the right capacity to deal with different times of day or sudden rises in call volumes. You can quickly increase or reduce your contact centre operations, and direct calls to the right person using our intelligent distribution technology.

Our online customer management portal is at the forefront in the contact centre market, and is among the best on the market today. Easy to learn and use, it can be up and running quickly with minimal disruption to your workforce. From one single, integrated platform, you can make changes and update routing and agents on your contact centre solution. For example, call queuing can be reduced during peak times, by being allocated automatically to different destinations based on site capacity or specific agent skills.

Our pan-European interconnects and portability agreements mean you customers will never get confused, and always get through. And add our online service management and reporting tools to the mix and you get a total service for inbound calls that'll make you more competitive in a very demanding marketplace.

Our comprehensive Customer Contact Services create more personalised and interactive customer interactions, based on history and behaviour. Calls can be re-routed in the network to any location, saving time and money. And state-of-the-art disaster recovery options ensure business-critical server continuity during unforeseen events. It’s all backed up by Colt’s renowned customer support, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Every call represents a chance to build a relationship with a customer. We help you stand out from the competition and win a reputation from being responsive and providing a very human service. It's also the best way to make money.

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Looking for a simple inbound access number service? We can help with that too. Please visit our Freephone, shared cost and premium rate page. 


Freephone, shared cost and premium rate

Our Freephone, shared cost and premium rate allow you to control, enrich and optimise every step of each inbound interaction with your customers across Europe. You gain greater control over the way they contact you, the call rates they pay and how your agents are utilised.

Contact Centre & IVR

The people who answer your phones are on the frontline of your business. You need to make sure they have the best tools to deliver a high quality experience to your customers. We have simplified contact centres, so that feature-rich services, which previously only large-scale operations could afford, are now available to everyone. 


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