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Our cloud IT services provide customers with scalable, flexible IT Infrastructure. Many businesses are looking to change from purchasing servers, network equipment and storage infrastructure to an on-demand IT as-a-Service. Businesses that make the change see reduced costs, and a greater ability to respond to changing market demands, allowing them to focus on their core business. Our cloud or IT-as-a-Service range includes business-driven Service Level Agreements that can cover both the IT and delivery to your end-users over our first-class pan-European network.

Our IT-as-a-Service offers provide:

  • IT capacity on-demand delivered as a service
  • The ability to run existing enterprise applications unchanged
  • Private and/or public network access
  • A shorter provisioning lead time
  • Options for self-service or managed service
  • A range of redundancy and back-up options
  • Options for dedicated and shared servers infrastructure
  • The ability to budget using our clear unit costs
  • Support for existing application software licenses

Our cloud services put you in control of a flexible computing environment that is hosted in a secure data centre and provided on a subscription basis.


IaaS provides you with an IT infrastructure, provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is quick and easy to scale resources in line with changing business needs, whether in a test-and-development or production environment.

SAP Cloud Services

SAP Cloud Services allow you to safely migrate your SAP application landscapes to the cloud and realise increased performance and cost savings, while maintaining security. We offer a comprehensive range of pay as you go services including SAP HANA to ensure your SAP applications are performing and available to support your business operations.

Workspace as a Service

Workspace as a Service provides enterprise end users with secure, anytime, anywhere access to their corporate applications and data across the whole range of today's modern end user computing devices. 


  • Manageable & Scalable
  • Professional Consultancy & Design
  • Future proof your business
  • Major European Locations 

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